Introduction to BRCGS for Food Safety Issue 9 Course
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Lesson Topics:

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Introduction


Activity 1 – Course Navigation

Before you start this course we recommend you explore all the functions to help you navigate the platform with ease.

1. Lesson Tabs

In each lesson you will notice 3 tabs:

  • Overview – You are currently using the overview tab
  • Exercise files – We will let you know if there are any exercise files to download/print.
  • Comments – We encourage you to leave a comment if you want to share your thoughts. Please note comments are publically displayed.

2. Mark as Complete Button

Each lesson has a “Mark as Complete” button. On computers the button is at the top and on mobile at the end of the lesson. When you are done with a lesson mark it as complete.

3. Course Tabs

On the course main page, you will notice 6 tabs:

  1. Course Info – This tab is displayed by default. You can also access your Modules and Lessons from this section.
  2. Reviews – You will find the course’s reviews in this tab.
  3. Q&A – You can use the “questions and answers” section to ask any questions and/or reply to any questions or answers. (Only visible to enrolled students)
  4. Announcements – If there are any announcements by the facilitator, you will find them under this tab. (Only visible to enrolled students)
  5. Gradebook – You can view your Gradebook here. (Only visible to enrolled students)
  6. Resources – You will find all course resources under this tab if any. You may be directed during lessons to download and/or print the resources. (Only visible to enrolled students)

Activity 2 – Emails and Notifications

You will regularly receive emails and notifications regarding your progress. Keep an eye on your emails and check your spam folder as well.

Activity 3 – Video Quality

If your video’s visual quality is not clear (blurred or out of focus) you need to adjust your video quality settings. On the video at the bottom, you will notice a “gear” icon. Select it and then select “quality“. Now you can increase or decrease the quality setting.

In the event you are not on an unlimited data plan, keep in mind the higher the quality the more internet data is used.

Should you encounter any other issues with the video please read YouTube’s systems requirements.

We recommend an internet speed of at least 5 Mbps. If your internet is slower you can reduce the video quality as suggested in the YouTube system requirements.

If you want to test your internet speed you can just search for “internet speed test” in your browser.


We will explore the Learner Dashboard in the next lesson.

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